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  • Integration with Amazon Marketplace fully automated
    We now have a fully automated integration with the Amazon marketplace. Price and Quantity upload, Order Download, Tracking Upload and Payment reconciliation
  • Customs declaration added to UPS World Ship integration
    UPS world Ship is now fully integrated and supports e-Filing of customs declaration on all goods with declared value that are shipped from Acclamare.
  • Acclamare Conference 2016 Announced!!!
    Acclamare officially announces the yearly conference for 2016 in Fory Worth, Texas. the conference known to be filled with opportunity to network with Acclamare staff and Distribution industry professionals.
  • Acclamare version code named Red Shoe set to be released in near future
    Acclamare has unofficially set it latest version of a completely redesigned application to be released before this years conference which usually is at the end of October.


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